Pitch Planing

I am in a group with Kaevis, Philip, Scott and Kiara as part of the major project for class CIU 212. We have decided to create a 2D/stop motion animation short film for our project.

Together we are planning the short film. However, before we make the short film we must present a pitch of the proposal to a panel to see if our short film gets the green light to go ahead. Once we have this we can continue with the pre- production work.

The structure of group is organised as follows: Kaevis is our group leader, the animation leader and the producer. Kiara is the 2D animater and Philip is the stop motion Animater and Scott is the sound and music supervisor. The responsibilities that I have are Director, Writer and Director of Photography for this short film.

I am writing the script for the short film at the moment. As I’m writing the script I am also thinking of the way I want to direct the film and I know that I will need to communicate and work with the animation crew. I will need to explain to them how I want to direct the characters in each scene so that they can ensure that this is incorporated in the animation.  I will also be doing the cinematography work for the stop motion animation production. I will need to think about how I will shoot it and which angles to use. The stop motion animation work is new for me so it will a new challenge for me to master and gain new skills. Between the members of my group we have a unique skill set that will assist us to make the short film together.

We have set up lines of communication for our group so that we can all keep in touch and progress. We have a facebook group, a Google docs file and weekly meetings. Two of the lines of communication were set up Kaevis when we first started on this project so that we could all keep in touch. The way our communication set up is really good because we communication ideas on the FaceBook group and upload our work that we have completed on to Google docs.  This gives us a chance to consider things before our weekly meetings. The weekly meeting are just to touch base on what we have done and what we are on to next and to discuss any issues that have arisen.

For the short film my group will need to have active listening skills  so that so we are able to understand what each of us are going talk about during the pitch and also to understand what each of are doing during the making of the film. I will be talking about our short film from the story perspective. It is really important that we all work together to ensure that the short film is successful. By listening to others and discussing the project as a whole we can improve our own work.  I am looking forward to some feedback on our pitch so that we can have some guidance from an outside perspective.


Bing, G. (2014). Gravity Falls S2E06 Operation Clayanimation ‘GF Team vs the Clay animations’. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XayanyIB_J8


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