The Projects Assets

For this week’s blog  I will talking how when & what my involvement in the project is, what resources I will need to use, my strengths & weaknesses and if in need tutorials and research that I will need to do for this short film. For this short film I will be doing the writing, directing and director of Photography.

Script writing

As a group we discussed the theme and idea of our short film. I was the person who was elected to write the script and have been writing it for the past week. I have finished my first draft and are ready to re look at the script to see what improvements I can make, proof read and make any required changes.  Once I have finished I will upload the script to the Google docs that our group has set up so everyone else can see the script and comment.

Director of Photographyframe-by-frame

I will doing the filming for the stop motion part of the short film. I’m going to do the filming for the short film next trimester but we will also do a trial run of the stop motion in next few weeks. I am going to use either the 600D or a 7D camera depending on what is available at the time. I’m also going to need to light the stop motion set when we are filming so that there is enough light.


I’m also directing the short film. I’ve been thinking of how I want the film to be shown through the animation.  I am going to have to direct the animation crew when we are filming the stop motion but also the 2D animation and when we are compositing both animations together.

My Strengths & Weaknesses 

My strengths are in script writing and on set work.  I’ve been involved in the writing of scripts for projects and I am hoping to develop my skills more in this area. I have also worked a number of different film sets and these experiences have given me a very good knowledge of what is needed to be done.

My weaknesses are using cameras & directing the film. I’ve only had little bit of experience using camera’s so I’m not overly confident. I’m going to get a camera out and do some stop animation work.  I am also going to research the frame rate that will be need for the stop motion and look at some ideas online for similar things.

I have had no experience in directing so this will be a challenge for me. I’m going to research a lot of stop motion films like plonsters, pirates, Wpirates_1Wallace and Gromit and various other videos so I can learn how to direct stop motion.

Other resources that I think I will need are going to be talking to Callum about stop animation & 2D animation as he has a lot to experience in this area of animation.  Also I will talk to another film student to give me some guidance about cameras

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