In this week’s blog I am going to talk about publishing, marketing and campaigning for the short film that we are making. I’m going to be focusing on marketing and publicity, target demographic, landing sites, content hosting, audience vectors/community and social networking.  These are vital things that we need to know when we are trying to promote our film to the public.

Marketing and publicity/ social networking

We will be doing a few things for the marketing for the short film:

  1. creating a Facebook page;
  2. creating a website; andMarketing
  3. entering into film festivals.

We will use these two things so we can post documents like the storyboard, the script and photos of the animations. We may also do some video interviews with everyone that is involved making this short film. We are using social networking to help market our short film and will post photos and update our status on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram to show public and other film makers what we are doing. By using these social media sites we are able to post our progress of making the film to the finish product and hopefully get some interest. We are also considering making our own online film festival. This online film festival will only take films that are made for children.

Landing sites

The landing site we are going to us are Word press and our own website. Using word press we are able to blog about our social-media-marketing1project and our progress of the project.  We will have it linked to our website where we will have photos, videos of the project and have the final version of the short film on there once completed.

Target demographic/ audience vectors/community.  

The target demographic for our short film is children. We are aiming this film to children between ages 4-12 years. We will need to know what kind of rating our film has to and are also going ot have to look at the regulations to see what things our film cant contain. We are going to make the film appropriate so the parents of these children will approve of the film and allow them to watch it. For this film our audience vector is aiming for children of all different cultures that like fun entertaining shows with jokes and pranks and the community that we are going for is family.  

Content hosting.

For our content hosting we are going to us YouTube & Vimeo to host our film. Due to some of the online film festival that we want to enter our film into require a link from YouTube or Vimeo to submit. Putting our film onto YouTube or Vimeo that is making them the host for our film.

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