I Got you last presentation revision and research

This week I’m going to be talking about my thoughts on what my group and I talked about during the presentation last week and what research I will need to do for the short film.

Revision on the Presentation      

Last Friday my group and I did a presentation to show the class and our lectures what we have done so far for the short animation film. We also outlined what we want to achieve by the end of this trimester and what we are going to do next trimester.

For the presentation I talked about the story of the film and the target demographic. The story is about two friends who start pranking each other to the point where one of them take the pranking too far. To show the story during the presentation I put one scene from the script that I have written into the presentation so people could get a bit more of an idea about the style of the story.  Our target demographic will be aiming at children between 7-12 years of age.

Kaevis talked about the marketing for the film like what landing site we are going to use, the content hosting sites that we are going to put our film and the online film festival that we are entering. He also assisted everyone else as the leader of the group. Scott talked about the sound and the music for the film. He also talked about what kind of sound is needed like ambient sounds, sound effect and a theme song for the film and how he is going to get the sound.

Kiara talk about the 2D animation character design. She outlined how she designed the character and why she did particular things to the character design. Also she told everyone about animating the character and what programme is she going to use. Kiara had some sketches of the character which she presented so that she could show everyone her design.  Phillip talked about the stop motion character design, what he is using to create the stop motion character and how he is going animate the character.


The research that I need to do now for the short film is how to light the stop motion set and to play around with the camera setting that I will need to use for when we are shoot the stop motion animation.


For the lighting I will need to know what kind of light that is best for a park including whether I need warm colours or cold colours and looking at the White Balance. I am also going to out and taking some picture of parks so I have visual to look at when it comes to light the stop motion set.

Camera Setting

For the camera setting I’m going to hire a camera out and play with it to get the right setting for stop motion.  I have done some research regarding what’s settings are the best. ISO setting in Stop motion animation is usually set between 100 – 200 and no higher. The shutter speed is set on different speeds depending on how you want the shoot to feel.   To have the shoot feel warmer you increase the light going into the camera and to do this you will have to lower the F stop to 4.0 stop (Animation World Network, 2015).

I will use the white balance setting on the camera to help with the light as well. White balance is a setting in a camera that can set only certain type of colour to the scene and this is measured in kelvin scale. To make the room lighter yIMG_0511ou would set the camera to tungsten which is read on the Kelvin scale at 1800 and if you want natural light it reads at about 5600. So lower the number on the Kelvin scale the warmer the colour is and higher the number cooler the colour.

Once I have considered the lighting we need and played around with the camera I will discuss this with my group and the lecturer (Animation World Network, 2015).

Animation World Network,. (2015). ‘The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation’: Digital Cinematography: Part 1. Retrieved 27 March 2015, from http://www.awn.com/animationworld/advanced-art-stop-motion-animation-digital-cinematography-part-1


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