Social and Ethical considerations

In my blog this week I am going to be talking about ethics and social consideration for the short film that my group and I are making.  I will discuss any foreseeable ethical implications in your project, what the broader social considerations are in our project, whether we foresee anything to be deemed offensive, and what measures we could take to minimise any negative backlash from the wider community.


Can you foresee any ethical implications in your project?

We don’t foresee any real ethical implications. We have tried to keep the film light hearted and targeted at our target audience. We have not made any specific reference to any race or culture. We are aiming for is G or PG classification for our film. These are the most likely classification for a children’s animation film. The G (General) this classification means that the film is suitably for all age groups. PG (parental Guldens) classification means that a child under the age of 15 cannot watch the film they will needs parent guides to be able to watch this film.

What are the broader social considerations in your project?games ratings 2

The social consideration for this film are to think about how people in society are going to react towards this film. Such things we have thought about are:

– What will parents think of the film for their children.

– Will the short film insult people’s culture and their view.

These are some of the social consideration that we are going to need to look out for.

Do you foresee anything to be deemed offensive, if you were to engage with the broader community?

We have try to be really considerate to think about what is appropriate for our target audience and what is socially acceptable. The only thing that I can foresee that will be offensive in this film is whether parents may think that this film could have too much violence for their children. We need to keep a good balance to ensure we have the comical side of the short film whilst not encouraging violence.


What measures could you take to minimise any negative backlash to your project.

Some of the measures that we could take to minimise any backlash to our film is to:

– We could do a survey/short interview on parents of our target audience to ascertain whether they feel that the short film concepts and ideas1283-o are acceptable

– We could show the film to people with experience in making these kind of film to get some guidance or to see if we can make any more improvements.

If there is a lot of negative backlash once the film is released we could consider going through the script and taking out/ amending anything that draw too much of a negative response.

Being mindful of ethic and social consideration is a big part of any project that you carry out as it will really determine the successfulness of your film. It will help when you are trying to get your project out into society. It also help make sure that you are in line with the classification guidelines so it can be shown to our audience.,. (2015). G | Australian Classification. Retrieved 6 April 2015, from,. (2015). PG | Australian Classification. Retrieved 6 April 2015, from,. (2014). Fact Sheet – Australia’s Multicultural Policy | Australian Government Department of Social Services. Retrieved 6 April 2015, from

PG Classification ratings [image], (n.d.). Retrieved from

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