Reaching your Audience

This week’s blog is about reaching our target audience. Reaching our audience is very important as without an audience there is no point to the making of any film.  It is also a way to promote ourselves and our skills. I have also outlined below a brief synopsis and introduction to the film which could be used when promoting to a community group.


Who are we trying to reach with our work?

Our short film has been targeted at children between the ages of 6 and 12. However, parents of children this age are also very involved in what their children watch and do. It is also then important that we capture the parents as part of our audience. This is because they will tell their children whether or not they can watch it and allow their children to attend screenings.


What are the strategies you can use to communicate to them what you do?

Some of the strategies that we can promote, reach and communicate to our audience are:

  • contact family and parent groups on facebook;
  • get in touch with film groups about being part of any festivals or arrangements where our film could be screened;
  • go on forums and contact local libraries in Perth about having a screening of the short film to children;
  • presentation to classes at schools what is involved with film making then screen the finished product at the end to the children;
  • advertise screening of the short film by way of posters in places where parents and children go eg. Shopping centers, bowling alley and other places.

Brief Synopsis

The community group I have chosen to prepare a synopsis for is the Perth Film Network.

Screen shot 1

“Good Morning Perth Film Network

I am Nathan Smith and I am a filmmaker here in Perth.

I am here to talk to you about a short animation film for children which I am directing titled “I Got You Last” .

The film is about two best friends who start playing pranks on each other. It starts off with little pranks to get each other back but then one goes too far with one of the pranks. It tests the boundaries of the friendship between the two main characters and shows that it is good to enjoy mucking around but there are limits that should not be broken.

We will be screening the short film in late August early September. So you filmmakers who have kids come along to it. Once we have confirmed that dates for screening I will let you know.”


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