the culture perspective part two

This week I will be continuing on with discussing cultural perspective. I will outline and explain how the genre of children’s films has shaped our project stylistically through its visual elements & sound design. I will also talk about a key symbolic metaphor which could represent a present day zeitgeist.

I have considered elements in our project which may be seen as a remix or unoriginal and have outlined a campaign to give our audience an authentic experience and to engage them with our project.


How has an understanding of the genre shaped your project stylistically through its visual elements & sound design?

Understanding the genre of our film has in some way shaped the decision we have made during the film making process and into what we want. With the visual elements of the film we wanted our 2D animation character to come across as a sweet and innocent kid. We did this through the way he is animated on how he moves, acts and what he looks like. With the stop motion character we wanted to show him as a grumpier child through the pranks that he pulled. But we also wanted to portray the film as fun and light film and show how friends would act in real life. Understanding the genre helped us in the way that we designed and made the characters look and how we portrayed their personalities.

For sound design we went for more typical children sounds that are used in children films. We wanted to make the sound up beat, fun and catchy to capture the children’s attention. The sounds for the film help enhance the visuals to give more impact to the audience.

So yes understanding the genre has helped us chose the visuals and sounds which are appropriate to children’s films.

What key symbolic metaphors could represent a present day zeitgeist?facebook_logo

A symbolic metaphor zeitgeist for the present day is the internet, computers and smart phones. We are in the age of the internet where information is easily available to everyone. For example programs like YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter all form part of our present day zeitgeist. With YouTube people are putting up videos of every genre to this site and it is easily available. Also with smart phones have the ability to access information where every you are.


If your audience was to question the creative integrity of your project what are the elements which may be seen as a remix or unoriginal?

Our short film was entirely original work in terms of our design and script. Our story is a basic story of following friendship. If our audience questioned the creative integrity of our film I think that our film could be seen as a remix of the theme of Plonsters-a kids TV show. This is because the theme of pranking is the main theme of our film and Plonsters also has pranking as the main theme.




Create a campaign which considers these challenges, to give your audience an authentic experience and to engage them with your project.

To enyoutube-logo-full_colorgage our audience with our project and give them an authentic experience we could post on our facebook page the project schedule for each week to show our audience what is going on with our project and to keep them informed. This will help our audience to understanding how the film has been made and the steps to the finished product. It will also allow them to feel as though they have been involved in the process and build an anticipation for the film when it’s finished. For example we can outline on facebook:

Week 12 – Complete animation for introduction sequence/ title scene.  We could have little snippets about what we are doing that week, pictures and us working on the project.

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