Project Reflection and Presentation

On the 8th May my group and I did a presentation on our project talking a lot more on what else we have for this film. We all outlined our roles and progress of the film.

Kaevis talked about the things that he has done including buying the commercial licence of dragon frame so we can do the stop motion animation part of our film.

I talked about where I got inspiration from to write the story for the film. I also talked about the technical side of the project including the camera and lighting settings. I also talked about the different ways I tried to light the set to replicate natural light. I outlined the research I undertook so that I understood and could do the production part of this film.

Philip talked about the stop motion character and why he made certain choices with the character. Kiara talked about the 2D character and the choice that she made. Scott talked about the sound for the film, showed the title sequence that we all made with the sound that Scott added to it. He also explained what kind sound that he was going for. The presentation was a good way for us to all talk about our individual experiences and involvement in the film.


What have you achieved so far?

At the start of this trimester I and four other people decided to make short film that was hybrid between stop motion animation and 2D Animation. The progress of this film and the milestones we have achieved this trimester are: writing and completing the script, preparation of the story storyboard, undertaking test footage and title sequence.

I started writing the script for this film in week 3 of the trimester and in week 9 we made some changes to make the story flow better. We started doing test footage in week 7 and also trialled the program dragon frame that helps with making stop motion. In week 8 & 10 we all helped with making the story boards. I booked out the lighting equipment and a camera equipment. I took the photos of the shots that I wanted to show for this film and then Kiara drew in the 2D animation. The title sequences we started in week 10 after we did the story board. We want the title of the film “I Got You Last” for the title sequence to be shown by having “I Got You” shown as stop motion animation and “last” to be shown as 2D animation.  I had to find out how to make the word “last” to be shown like it had been written in.

The group dynamics

The group dynamic is really good as we are all committed to making this film and we understand each other with the different roles that we have to do for this film. Everyone has different strengths and have contributed to the ideas and requirements to make this film. We all get along really well and can work together as a group to achieve our goal. We have a great communication skills throughout the project we made sure that we all on top of the stuff that we need to do.   We are also all open to accepting and listening to our group members ideas about our individual work.


The projects challenges

From my point of view the challenges that we faced during this project were lighting the set and rewriting the script. With lighting the set for our film we have had a bit of trouble getting the right light for the film. I was trying to replicate natural light so we can have the right light for scenes that is written in the script. I tried using different lights to make natural light including Kenos and lilliput’s, Red heads and lilliput’s. The kenos and Lilliput’s did not work as the lilliput’s were way over powering for the kenos.

As a group we decided that we needed to develop the script so that the characters and story could be more developed. We also decided to take one part of the story out of the script that may not have been suitable for kids and replaced it with it with something else. This made this tory more suitable for our target audience.

What will you do, moving forward?

We are only part way through this project and next trimester we are going to complete the Facebook page, complete the website and make the film. Doing all these different things will help the film to be better and it will be easier when it comes time to do the post-production work.


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